You became a PA or NP because you wanted to make an impact by helping others and secure a good living🩺
. . .

Yet here you are, still waiting for that "good living" part to kick in.

You've poured so much into becoming a PA or NP -- your actual blood, sweat, and tears, along with the most money you've ever spent (or likely borrowed) 

All you really want is to make a decent salary and be able to balance work with your personal life -- enjoying time with your partner, kids, friends, and family.

Is that too much to ask?!

It's time to take control of your financial situation and leave the money struggle behind 💵

If you've ever felt . . .

  • Overwhelmed by the mounting student loan debt and other financial obligations that never seem to shrink no matter how hard you try

  • Trapped in the never-ending cycle of living paycheck to paycheck, wondering when you can begin investing or even retire

  • Concerned about how you'll be able to afford your dream home or provide for your children's education

  • Unable to even consider working part-time or exploring new career opportunities because of your financial constraints

You're not alone! 

  • Many high-income healthcare professionals face similar challenges when it comes to managing their finances. It's easy to feel overwhelmed, unsure of where to start, or held back by beliefs that hinder your progress.

But there IS a way to break free  . . .

In this course, you'll get:

  • Lifetime Access: Once you enroll in the course, you'll have lifetime access to the course materials. This means you can revisit the content, refresh your knowledge, and benefit from any future updates or additions to the course.

  • Network of Vetted Professionals: The course offers a unique network of vetted financial professionals that can offer guidance and support for you as you navigate through your financial journey, ensuring you have access to reliable and trustworthy advice when needed.

  • Community and Support: You'll join a supportive community of like-minded healthcare professionals on a similar financial journey. You'll have the opportunity to connect, network, and learn from each other through dedicated community forums or group sessions.

We understand that healthcare professionals are busy and that your time is valuable. That's why we have designed this course to provide you with the exact knowledge and tools you need to accelerate your financial progress!

💻Here's What's Inside Wealth Rx Academy:

We have carefully curated our content to cut through the noise and present you with the essential information and strategies that will have the most impact on your wealth-building journey.

    1. Masterclass Overview


    3. Disclaimers & Disclosures

    4. Learn about us!

    5. Financial Security, Financial Independence, and FIRE

    6. Pre-Course Assignments

    1. Introduction

    2. How We Manage to "Do it all"

    3. Prioritizing Framework

    4. Ask Who Not How

    5. Morning Routine

    1. Why You Should Care About Your Finances

    2. Case Study: The Spender

    3. Case Study: The Saver

    4. Case Study: The Investor

    5. Buy Back Your Time

    6. What is Your "Why"?

    7. Credit Scores, Reports, and Cards

    8. Online Banks vs. Traditional Banks

    9. Assignments & Supplemental Reading

    10. Week 1 Live Class w/ Q&A

    1. Organizing Your Finances

    2. Student Loan Series (Part I)

    3. Students Loan Series (Part II)

    4. Student Loans Series (Part III)

    5. Bonus Webinar with LoanSense

    6. Income and Asset Protection (Part I)

    7. Income and Asset Protection (Part II)

    8. Income and Asset Protection (Part III)

    9. Bonus Lecture: Insurance 101" with Henry Hoang, CFP of Bright Life Insurance

    10. Optimal Career Plan and Negotiation Strategies

    11. The Anatomy of a Contract

    12. Leveraging Employer Benefits

    13. Assignments & Supplemental Reading

    14. Bonus Interview - Kasey D'Amato of Certified Physician Assistant Consulting (CPAC)

    15. Week 2: Office Hours

    16. Week 2 Live Class with Q&A

    1. Optimize Your Spending

    2. Spending Priorities Tracker

    3. Pay Yourself First (Part I)

    4. Traditional Retirement

    5. Retirement Planning (Part 1)

    6. Retirement Planning (Part II)

    7. Assignments & Supplemental Readings

    8. Week 3 Office Hours

    9. Week 3 Live Class w/ Q&A

    1. From Savings to Investing

    2. Invest in the Stock Market (Part 1)

    3. Invest in the Stock Market (Part 2)

    4. Certified Financial Planners (CFP)

    5. Bonus Lecture: Bonus Lecture: "Investing 101 (Part I)" with Jared Tanimoto, CFP of Ascent Wealth

    6. Bonus Lecture: "Investing 101 (Part II)" with Jared Tanimoto, CFP of Ascent Wealth

    7. Wealth Building Principles (Part II)

    8. Pay Yourself First (Part II)

    9. Assignments & Supplemental Readings

    10. Week 4 Office Hours

    11. Week 4 Live Class

About this course

  • 90 lessons
  • 28.5 hours of video content

Not only will you receive an entire immersive curriculum to take you from feeling overwhelmed, uncertain, and financially insecure to feeling empowered, confident, and financially secure about your future …

But here’s what truly sets this program apart

💰You’ll receive six weekly live, interactive Zoom masterclasses to dive even deeper into each module, interact and engage with other participants, and learn first-hand from Wilson and Stephanie, the founders of The Finance Hospital (who are also a PA and NP duo!) 

💰You’ll also gain access to five bonus Office Hour sessions where you can ask any of your questions about the course material so that you don’t get stuck at any point along the way. 

💰The Wealth Rx Academy workbook will help support your learning and be a resource that you can revisit again and again, and the private community will help you find additional support from other PAs and NPs just like you along the way. 

💰And when you join us inside Wealth Rx Academy, you’ll get access to all future course upgrades and additions we make to the course! 

Your Investment ⭐

When you join Wealth Rx Academy, you’re saying “yes” to the fast track to exponential financial growth and debt freedom without having to struggle through it all on your own (and continue to pay more in interest rates while losing out on investment opportunities).

Investing in your financial education now can help you develop the strategies to overcome your debt faster and build lasting wealth. 

Isn't it time to break free from this cycle? 

Come join us and say “yes” to making your financial woes a thing of the past.

Testimonials 🌟

A few words from our past students!

“I've paid off $7k in credit card debt and devised a plan to pay off my six-figure student loans in a way that aligns with my financial goals without hindering my ability to enjoy life. Additionally, I have an e-fund that covers four times my monthly expenses and maxing my 403b and IRA have become a non-negotiable priority for me!”

Jazmine M, PA-C

“This is what I have accomplished since working with Wilson. I accepted a new job offer with a 15% pay increase, $16K sign-on bonus, 401K match, & pension. My $272K+ in Federal Student Loans will be paid off in 10 years via PSLF. I maxed out on Roth IRA 2022 and 2023 and am on track to max out on 401K!”

Michelle T, PA-C

“As a result of Wealth Rx, I increased my clinical income by 25% & paid off my 6-figure student debt. I now have a savings rate >50% and invest 50K between my 401k, Roth IRA and TBA annually. I also have a diverse stock portfolio and am looking to invest in a syndication as my next goal. Ultimately, I plan to work part-time by age 40 and retire at age 55. ”

Agueda E, PA-C

“I graduated with $330k in student loan debt, which was a terrifying amount. However, Wilson helped me find the best repayment plan to have over half of it forgiven! If that wasn’t amazing enough, I’m able to pay off my loans in ~10 years while still maxing out my retirement accounts.”

Linda G., NP

“My finances were a mess pre-Wealth Rx. My wife and I actually didn’t know what shape we were in because we avoided any conversation about all things money because it was extremely anxiety inducing for us. Six months later, we realized achieving financial security isn’t as intimidating as we thought. With small, incremental changes we crushed credit card debt, optimized our retirement accounts, created an achievable plan for early retirement, and developed our entrepreneurial ideas.”

Justin H, PA-C

About Us 👋

Hi, we're Wilson and Stephanie, the founders of The Finance Hospital! 

Let's turn back the clock to 2019 . . .

We just finished PA and NP school and started working in inpatient oncology. 

We did everything we were supposed to do:

✔️  Became healthcare professionals

✔️ Earned six-figure incomes

✔️ Worked at prestigious hospitals

And we liked the work we did as PAs and NPs -- it was rewarding both personally and intellectually. 

However, to our surprise, we noticed that many of our colleagues were burnt out, carried large amounts of debt, and lived paycheck to paycheck. 

This terrified us. 

Now that we were earning a decent income, we were faced with the task of making important money decisions and quickly became aware of our financial illiteracy. 

Our parents came to this country penniless and never provided us with any formal financial education.  

We knew right then that we had to educate ourselves to secure our financial future. We then spent years learning about student loans, personal finances, and investing.

We committed to making aggressive financial changes and focused on paying down debts, maximizing our clinical income, and investing in assets to build passive income.

Within 3 years of graduation, we . . . 

💰 Became millionaires before 30

💰 Invested nearly seven figures into the stock market

💰 Built a 58-unit real estate empire

💰 Created two six-figure businesses 

Once we took control of our finances, our lives dramatically changed. And we immediately wanted to share that transformation with others too!

That's why we created this course—to teach other PAs and NPs everything they need to know about personal finance and investing so they can stop living paycheck to paycheck and start living the lives they imagined when they chose their career in the first place.

Since then, we've taught hundreds of high-income healthcare professionals how to achieve financial freedom so they can buy back their time and pass on generational wealth!

Still not sure if Wealth Rx Academy is right for you? 🤔

You're ready to join us if . . .

✔️You have a strong desire to achieve time, location, and financial freedom earlier in your career. You prioritize having flexibility and control over your life and want to break free from the traditional constraints of your healthcare profession 

✔️You desire a simplified and efficient way to handle your financial matters, where you can focus on learning the relevant information and automate the rest. You’re looking for strategies and tools that can help you optimize your finances without requiring constant manual intervention 

✔️You want to build wealth, establish passive income streams, and achieve financial independence at an earlier stage in your career. You’re eager to learn about strategies for optimizing your income, reducing debt, investing wisely, and creating multiple sources of income to support your desired lifestyle. 

✔️You’re a busy healthcare professional seeking a streamlined approach to taking control of your finances. You understand the importance of managing your finances effectively but have limited time to dedicate to it due to your demanding career. 

✔️You carry a significant burden of student loan debt and are seeking strategies to effectively manage and pay off your loans while building wealth. 

✔️You have little or no debt but may not have taken the next step in building wealth through investments. You might have limited knowledge about investing, lack confidence in making investment decisions, or simply haven't prioritized investing due to other financial obligations or time constraints 

✔️You have limited knowledge of personal finance and investing, and are looking to gain a solid foundation in financial literacy to make informed decisions. 

✔️You’re overwhelmed by major financial and life decisions post-graduation, such as home buying, retirement planning, and balancing career growth with financial stability 

✔️You want to break the cycle of living paycheck to paycheck or feeling financially constrained and unable to save or build a financial cushion 

If you mentally checked off at least 5 of the above . . .

then you are the perfect student for Wealth Rx, and we can’t wait to meet you! 🤝

Testimonials 🌟

A few words from our past students!

“Wilson changed my life by helping me build a financial foundation immediately after graduation. Within 2 years, I paid off $190k in debt and built my 7-figure Airbnb business. I highly recommend him as a coach and mentor!”

Calvin T, PA-C

“Since working with Wilson, my financial transformation has been remarkable. I have gained expertise in maximizing employer and non-employer sponsored retirement savings plans, tax-advantaged health savings accounts, and taxable brokerage accounts, among others. Now, I possess the knowledge and tools to set myself up for early retirement while still enjoying my life in my 30s.”

Emily L., PA-C

“Wilson's coaching has increased my financial literacy, awareness, and confidence. I feel much more at ease thinking about my future in monetary term overall. My biggest obstacle that I overcame was simply understanding my loans, and knowing what to do with my new income. Wilson helped me overcome this obstacle and so many more. His program has helped me develop a positive mindset towards money, and continues to help me reach my goals everyday!”

Anam B, PA-C

“Wilson has a passion for helping healthcare professionals and it was so awesome to connect with someone I felt like I could trust and who would understand my perspective. My husband, an SRNA student and soon-to-be NP, and I are so pleased with what we have learned and how our financial outlook has improved. I have recommended Wealth Rx with Wilson to all of my colleagues and will continue to do so.”

Jenna B., NP

“Wilson and his team are absolutely the best. As someone who took out an insane amount of student loans without knowing how to manage them after graduation, I found myself scared and confused. I did not know where to start. However, not only did Wilson hold my hand every step of the way, explaining what would be the best options for me and my current financial situation, but most importantly, he made me feel at ease that paying off my student loans is doable and doesn’t have to cause so much anxiety”

Debbie S, PA-C


  • How do I "take" the course? Is there a live component I need to show up for?

    Wealth Rx is hosted on the Thinkific platform. When you enroll, you'll be sent a login and password to the course. The modules will be released week by week on a drip schedule. Once all the modules are released, you can go back and review at your own pace as you have lifelong access to this course. There are 6 modules. Each module consists of a combination of pre-recorded videos along with useful text and web resources. Every week there will be a live masterclass and/or office hours that you can attend live on Zoom. These sessions will also be recorded and uploaded to the course platform if you cannot attend.

  • How long will the course take? I'm a busy healthcare professional and I want to make sure I have time (and don't fall behind)

    Each module consists of several bite-sized training videos and text lessons that add up to roughly 2-3 hours of content a week. None of it requires a full day of work as you would spend in the clinic, hospital, or at your day job. And, here’s the good news: because you have lifetime, on-demand access to the course material, you will always have time to take the course! There’s also no such thing as “falling behind” when you can go at your own pace. So if your schedule changes in the middle of taking the course...that’s no problem. You can come back to it whenever you’re ready.

  • Can my significant other take the course and join the community too? Or, can I take this alone?

    YES! You can either take the course with your significant other or by yourself. Many of our students include their partners...but just as many go solo (and achieve great things too).

  • Can you guarantee results and my financial success?

    While we can't guarantee specific outcomes, our coaching program has a track record of success with high-income healthcare professionals who implement the strategies we teach. Your financial success ultimately depends on your commitment and willingness to take action. We provide the knowledge, guidance, and support you need, but it's up to you to apply what you learn.

  • What happens after the program ends? Do I get follow-up?

    We understand the importance of continued support on your financial journey. You'll have lifetime access to the course materials and future updates as well. After completing the program, you have option of joining our exclusive paid membership program, which provides ongoing resources, updates, and community support.

  • Do I get to work with you one on one?

    I host office hours and live Q&As each week so you'll have direct access to me for >30+ hours over the course of 6 weeks. You also have access to the course community forum where I answer questions directly on there as well!

"Is this course right for me, though?"

We're glad you asked. We only want you to enroll in Wealth Rx if you believe it's the perfect fit for you.

✔️ If you're a PA/NP or high-income professional who wants to start investing and building passive income streams but lacks the confidence to do so, this is the right course for you. Wealth Rx will teach you how to invest strategically and confidently.

✔️ Or, perhaps you're a PA/NP or high-income professional who is new to the world of personal finance and investing, and you're not satisfied with your current financial situation. If you're ready to explore new strategies and step outside your comfort zone, this is the right course for you.

⏸️ If you’re not ready to take control of your finances or are unsure if this is the right path for you right now, we advise you to wait. While the doors to Wealth Rx are closing soon, if now isn’t the right time for you, we understand. You can continue to learn some of the precursory information on our website and through our Instagram account.

Now, let's discuss who this course is not suitable for. 

❌ If you’re satisfied with the cycle of relying on each paycheck to cover your expenses without any desire to improve your financial situation, then you may not find value in the course's objective of creating financial stability and abundance.

❌ If you have a mindset of embracing debt or are content with living with a high level of debt, then you may not fully benefit from the course.

❌If you are not interested in pursuing  financial independence and freedom, including the option to retire early or have more flexibility in lifestyle choices, then you may not find the course relevant to your aspirations

❌ If you are not willing to take action or lack the motivation to implement the recommended strategies, you may not see significant progress or benefit from the course as we provide practical tools, action steps, and strategies for financial success.

Wealth Rx Academy is a step-by-step program that can yield results for those who invest the necessary effort. And we assure you, it's much easier than graduate school. However, the potential financial rewards can be significantly greater if you give it a chance.

Imagine Two Paths in Front of You…

➤ Path #1: Try to Figure Out Everything On Your Own. 

If you want to do it the same way we originally did, which is to spend months and years reading, searching online, and going to conferences in your spare time, then I encourage you to start your journey now. 

It is possible to achieve financial success alone—but it will take time, energy, and the willingness to expose yourself to greater risk. 

While there are free resources out there, they often lack structure, personal guidance, and specific insights unique to PAs and NPs.

➤ Or Path #2: Work With Experts Who’ve Been Where You Want To Go.

Our program combines years of experience, trial and error, and expertise into a step-by-step roadmap for your financial success. 

Do you really want to spend your valuable time searching for scattered information when you can have a trusted system that is proven to deliver results? 

If you want to massively shorten that learning curve and place a high value on your time, we will work with you side by side to create a clear path for you to become the next millionaire PA/NP next door!

Save Time and Invest in Yourself to Unlock the Life You Deserve

How much have you spent on things that didn't bring you closer to financial freedom? 

Our program is not just another expense, but an investment in your future.

After working with us, you won’t feel confused about personal finance and investing anymore, and you certainly won’t be wasting time and money on things that aren't making you happier! 

Are you ready to take responsibility for your financial future and turn it into a success story? Wealth Rx can take you there!

Let’s Recap Everything You Get Inside of Wealth Rx

  • Wealth Rx Academy Course Modules (value $4999)
  • Wealth Rx Academy Course Workbook (value $199) 
  • Wealth Rx Academy Course Community ($499)
  • Weekly Live Zoom Masterclass x 6 weeks (value $5999) 
  • Live Zoom Office Hours Sessions x 5 (value $2999)

  • Bonus Modules (value $297)
    • Productivity Pearls: Uncovering the Secrets to Achieving More in Less Time  
    • Avoiding Financial Pitfalls - The Top Factors That Impede Your Journey to Financial Success 
    • Unlocking Non-Clinical and Remote Roles

Total Value: $14,992

Current Price: $2497